We Need Parenting Classes In High Schools

Parenting classes are about more than raising children. They help build empathy, patience and community.

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Why Teach Parenting In High School?

High school is the last dance before entering the real world. There is some hand holding in college, depending on the school you go to, but for the most part many major decisions have to be made on your own. The issue with this is that, more often than not, kids have not been equip with the right tools to make those decisions. We spend those years teaching them about The Wright Brother’s for the 16th time since 1st grade, instead of weighing the pros and cons of taking out thousands of dollars in students loans, for example.

What Use Are Parenting Classes to Students Who Are Uninterested In Having Children?

Most people can accept that children are a natural part of life, even if they are not your children. Before I was a parent, I volunteered at a homeless shelter in my city, providing activities and care for infants and school aged kids. The children were a part of my life, even though they were not mine. This is what it means to be a part of a community. We take care of each other.

How Do You Build A Parenting Curriculum? Who Decides The Standard?

There are other places ones parenting could be influenced: church, neighbors, etc, but when we talk about creating a standard there would need to be a base that exists outside of cultural biases. For example, on the issue of spanking or “whoopings” the research says that it’s not good for children, but many people still support it for cultural reasons. It is how they were raised, how their parents were raised and their parent’s parents before them.

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